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About the Partners

Keiko Yasuoka and Duncan Simmons

These two professional artists met in 2002 in Arthur Turner’s class at The Houston Museum of Fine Arts Glassell School of Art.

They both had the same desire: to converse with other artists and to have their work critiqued.

Almost immediately, they realized that they both not only wanted to paint realism but were drawn to the same or similar motifs.

Outside of class, Keiko joined Duncan in his studio as they worked on their individual paintings.  By the end of the semester, it was difficult for their fellow classmates to distinguish whose work was whose.

Duncan, who is approximately 30 years Keiko’s senior, had become aware that it was becoming a little difficult to paint large commissions in acrylics and oils.  He asked Keiko if she would like to become his partner and collaborate with him in painting the large commissions.  She agreed and they now work on the same canvas simultaneously, with a certain understanding.

During the creative process, they may choose to paint over each other’s work. This is done in the spirit of opening each other’s eyes to different possibilities.

Because of the mutual respect and admiration these two artists have and their daily mission of encouraging each other to work toward attaining their goal of being the best artists that they can be, their work together is limitless.


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